At any given time, a commercial lender may have upwards of 20 files going, a long client list, and limited time to properly analyze projects that aren’t underwriter ready.

Unfortunately, on the flip side you have a percentage of unqualified commercial mortgage brokers who take a file, semi organize it, and send it to as many lenders as possible – hoping one bites. Much like spam, those broker emails are largely ignored because they’re unsolicited, half-baked and often more work then they’re worth.

That’s not perception talking, it’s reality – just ask any credible commercial lender.

Some brokers forget that a commercial lender is a partner.

Or maybe the majority of commercial mortgage brokers just aren’t willing to do the real work required to help their client, by making a lender’s job easier. The more adept a broker is at sorting out and addressing the gaps or variations in a client’s financials, the better off everyone is when you sit down to make the deal. When you have a team of financially qualified brokers willing to do the heavy lifting, who actually specialize in commercial real estate – you earn credibility with all stakeholders.

We believe a real partner helps themselves, by doing the hard work to help others first.

To ensure success, what we’re actually doing is preparing the file as an account manager would for their risk management department. The weeks of work required to create a comprehensive lender-ready file means we’ve covered 75-80% of everything needed for an underwriter’s analysis. The balance of the equation is typically made up of post-analysis risk management questions, and underwriter requirements.

Bottom line?

If you waste someone’s time as a commercial mortgage broker, we stand by our word – you deserve to be ignored.