Multi-level options are available, for just about every growth opportunity.

The most interesting reality of growing a business is that there is often more than one answer. In fact the fluid nature of business and financing opportunities available is something we’re always discussing. Getting it right the first time isn't always easy - but we love the look on a client’s face when we do.


Mortgage Options



• Interim construction loans

• Renovations and improvements

• Leasehold improvements


Land & Land

• Land bank and acquisition loans.

• Development loans for subdivisions, site servicing and large scale commercial development.


Bridge Financing
(Short term)

• Short term funds to bridge the gap between your current obligations and securing long term conventional financing.

• Inventory loans, quick acquisitions, property turnarounds and/or repositions, future sales and for properties that have not reached income stabilization.

• Secondary Financing.



• Fixed rate term mortgages with a selection of term lengths & maturities depending on your specific needs and growth strategies.

• Secondary Financing (matching 1st position debt maturity).


Insured / High Ratio /
Credit Augmentation

• CMHC insured mortgages for multi family residential assets.

• High ratio financing (up to 100% loan to cost).

• Credit Augmentation - such as letters of credit, cross-collateralization, and other forms of guarantees in order to firm up and secure conventional and/or high ratio financing.